Pneumatinis diskinis pjoviklis 75 mm, 18000aps/min


Produkto kodas: YT-0993 Kategorija:


Gaminio numeris YT-0993

Oro sunaudojimas (l / min) 160

Maksimalus greitis (min-1) 18000

Disko dydis (mm) 75

svoris (g) 900


Product description

The pneumatic cutter is a tool powered by a compressed air jet at the correct pressure. Thanks to the installed cutting disc, you can cut metal parts.

Technical data

Index number YT-0993

EAN 5906083909931

Brand Yato

PCS unit

Gross Weight (kg) 1.0250

Master Carton MC 20

Pal 280

Pressure [bar] 6.2

Rounds min / max 18000

Packing box color box

Size of coupler [inch] 1/4 „

Spindle size [mm] 9.4

Papildoma informacija

Svoris 1,0250 kg